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I’m Carly, 30 something years old and living in a wee town called Ballymena in Northern Ireland. I have always had a passion for art and a fire in myself to achieve something with my life. Growing up in council estates, we had very little, but I never wanted that to define me. I didn’t want my story to be the same story of addiction and struggle that I had seen around me and still do.

I have always had a creative brain, and after trying various mediums it was actually a tattoo apprenticeship that reignited my love for drawing…

Although my collections may vary, my style is visible throughout with the use of bright vibrant colours and the sense of movement in my work. I have a passion for making Art accessible to all, no matter what your background or worth.

My dad was an artist and remains my greatest inspiration today. Although our style is completely different, it’s that same passion for creativity that we shared watching Bob Ross together that sparked it all!

Carly Wright