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Carly Wright is a mixed media artist from Ballymena, Northern Ireland. Her artistic talents were identified early in her childhood by teachers, but found a release later in her life when she completed a Tattooist Apprenticeship, which reignited her love for drawing.

“I’ve always had a passion for art and a desire to achieve something with my life. Growing up in council estates, we had very little, but I never wanted that to define me. I didn’t want my story to be the same story of addition and struggle that I had seen around me.”

Carly’s work has an abstract feel that’s tied beautifully with realism. Her art is often eclectic in nature and typically radiates colour, expression, and emotion. In a relatively short period of time, she has quickly gained a reputation as a talented artist who paints from her heart.


“I paint from my experience; the frustrations of life, sometimes a sense of hopelessness, but while there can be dark elements, there’s also a feeling of hope, of a light at the end of the tunnel. If my art can be a source of help or inspiration for just one other person, that would be amazing.”


Carly is passionate about making art accessible to all, and has donated a range of pieces to charitable causes over the past three years. Her artistic style continues to evolve; she has found creating art to be her ‘safe space’. 


“My dad is an artist, and he is my greatest inspiration. Our styles are completely different, but we both have a passion for creativity. When I’m creating something, I can be my full self and let my imagination run free in a world not like this one.”

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